March 4, 2021

Tips to Choose the Best Car Insurance in the UAE

Selection of the best possible car insurance policy in any area of the UAE is a daunting task and it may sometimes give you a cumbersome experience. However, car insurance is mandatory and hence, you have to read the fine prints properly to analyze everything in detail as a car owner. In this article, we will highlight a few of the simple tips to come up with the best possible plan associated with automobile insurance.

Stay Well Acquainted with Car Insurance Providers 

There are large numbers of plans related to car insurance in the UAE. A few of the plans and/or companies provide top quality customer service and lucrative insurance packages at the most competitive price. However, you should choose the insurance plan or provider, which promised you in satisfying each of your insurance-related requirements, including the comprehensive coverage plan.

Alternatively, you should look for insurance providers, who may give you extended coverage while traveling outside of the UAE. Other than this, you should check for claim settlement ratio for your chosen insurance company in any area of the UAE, like Abu Dhabi, Dubai or others.

Comprehensive Vs Third Party Liability Policy 

You will come across two major types of car insurance in the UAE i.e. third party liability only and fully comprehensive policy. Third party liability type of policy is available at an affordable rate but it only gives coverage against injury or death of third party people and their vehicles/properties. This means, if you go with third party only type of policy, you have to pay for big damages caused to your vehicle from your pocket.

In contrast, if you choose comprehensive car insurance in the UAE, you will expect to get coverage for both your vehicle/property and that possessed by third party people. Along with this, comprehensive car insurance coverage is helpful in case you want to get a loan for your car.

Look for Insurance Plans with No Claims 

If you fail to make any claim on the car insurance policy, you choose for about a few years, you may look for a no claims discount at the time of buying a policy. You should search for insurance plans, which provide you with the benefit of no claims discount. To get the discount, you have to get a letter from your previous company or insurance provider and should state that you have not made any claim during the entire coverage period. You may get about a 25percent of no claims discount on your chosen car insurance policies.

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