March 4, 2021

Tips to Buy the Right Travel Insurance in Dubai for a Happy Abroad Trip

Whenever you look for travel insurance policies, you will find plenty of plans offered by different companies online. In this situation, you should check the type of travel insurance in Dubai you want and the scope of its coverage before finalizing your deal.

Type of Insurance Plan You Require

Your Co-travelers

If you are making a journey with your friends or family members, you may choose anyone among the following travel insurance in Dubai plans-

  • Coverage for you and anyone of your parents
  • Couple travel insurance, when your fellow traveler lives with you
  • Family holiday type of travel insurance, in which insurance is available for two adult members and four children making a journey together. This type of insurance is applicable if you have children less than or equal to 18years and they live with you full-time.
  • Alternatively, if you have a single child you may look for a relatively cheaper option with couple and child coverage.

Exclusions in the Family Policy

If you choose a family policy associated with travel insurance in Dubai, it has the following exclusions or becomes invalid-

  • The policy becomes invalid when family members travel independently of their children or when the children travel with anyone else, whose name is not in the policy.
  • The policy excludes stepchildren and children, who live separately with you as a policyholder.

Number of Abroad Trips You Make Yearly

Whether it is a business trip or family trip, if you make abroad trips three, four, or more times in a year, you must go with a multi-trip or annual holiday insurance plan to get a better value on the investment. The annual holiday plan lets you go on trips even at short notice without arranging any separate insurance.

Duration of Your Trip

Both single and annual trip policies provide coverage to travelers for 90days, 120days, and 180days. However, if you have to travel abroad for a long time, you must look for a long-stay policy, as it may give you a maximum of 18-months coverage.

Insurance Coverage Depends on Gap Year or Backpack Insurance

You have to check the specialist gap year or backpacker travel insurance in Dubai. Later, you need to check add covers for different types of activities you will perform on your trip. These include work, adventure sports, or volunteering activities.

Furthermore, you have to contact your insurance provider if you have unplanned activities, like pony trekking, bungee jumping, and similar others, so that it may arrange the cover while you are away. To make the most, you should look for insurance plans, which you may easily extend so that you may get coverage even when you suddenly decide to extend your travel period.

Insurance Coverage to Involve in Adventurous or Sports Activities

If you have plans to participate in sports or adventurous activities, you must get extra coverage, especially the coverage related to accident or injury related to your travel insurance in Dubai.

The clause of adventure sports covers a large number of adventurous activities, like scuba diving, bungee jumping, and other water sports activities. However, a few of the insurers a few of the less frequent activities as adventurous ones. These are mountain biking, motorcycling, canoeing, and horse riding.

Travel Insurance Should Provide Full Medical Coverage

To make sure that you have enough coverage related to your travel insurance policy, you should make sure of-

  • Approximately 1million Euros coverage for medical expenses within and 2million Euros coverage for outside of the country
  • Availability of 24-hour customer support to let you contact your insurance provider in emergencies
  • Assurance of the coverage of your treatment, travel expenses, and accommodation facilities for you and anyone else staying with you and accompanying you

Specialist Insurance Policy

If you are more than 65years age or suffer from any type of medical condition, you require a specialist insurance policy available from travel insurance in Dubai.

Cancellation Coverage

Lastly, you have to make sure that your insurance company gives you cancellation coverage in the case of requirement. These are your close relative or your traveling companion falls sick, you avoid traveling because of epidemics or doctor recommends you to return from your holiday trip. Therefore, based on your knowledge and awareness, you will get the right travel insurance policy to make your abroad trips happily.

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