March 4, 2021

Simple Tips to Find and Buy the Right Motor Insurance

Selecting one of the affordable and lucrative car insurances in any area of Dubai is a daunting task. For this, you have to resolve a few queries, which include the type of policy you select, the ideal coverage amount for the car and the way to get value for spending money.

Besides, you should know the stipulated terms and conditions under your chosen plan related to motor insurance in Dubai. We know that a car insurance coverage is compulsory to drive a vehicle in the UAE. However, before you should finalize your deal, you have to follow simple tips to come up with the right choice.

Acquaint Yourself with Diverse Insurance Companies

You will find many insurance providers offering motor vehicle insurance in Dubai or in any other region of the UAE. A few of the companies provide standardized and quality customer service and outstanding car insurance package at the most competitive price.

You should choose the motor insurance provider, which promises you to satisfy each of the car insurance requirements. These include comprehensive vehicle coverage, a replacement car when your motor car requires repair and extended coverage while going outside of the UAE. Moreover, you should have a look on claim settlement ratio provided by the intended car insurance provider in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Calculate Your Car Insurance Properly

You have to get acquainted with the formula used by various insurance companies to calculate the premium amount. This lets you calculating the best possible insurance policy in the United Arab Emirates.

You should remember that the calculation of insurance premium related to motor insurance in Dubai depends on different factors, like nationality and age of a driver, model and make of a car, engine size and its capacity, claims history of the insurance seekers and the present car value.

A few of the car insurance providers in the UAE provide 24×7 roadside assistance and recovery solutions among many other benefits. Selecting an appropriate car insurance company implies that you avail plenty of competitive benefits in terms of premium rates and many more.

Search for Additional Coverage

You are available with two different types of car insurance policies in Dubai i.e. third-party liability and fully comprehensive policy. As third-party liability only gives you coverage in case of injuries or death to third-party, we recommend you to choose the comprehensive one.

Search for Insurance Plans Offering No Claims Discounts

If you opt to drive your vehicle safely, you will end up with pool of benefits, especially, if you choose to buy motor insurance in Dubai. If you do not have made any insurance claim for your vehicle for few years, you should ask for no claims discount at the time of buying any car insurance policy.

Only you have to avail a letter from your previous company to get a discount. The letter should state that you do not have submitted any claim during your complete coverage period. You may avail approximately 25 percent of no claims discounts on your chosen car insurance policy. However, it is advisable that the discount associated with no claims percentage depends mainly on your accidental history and claims.

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