April 6, 2021

How to Buy the Right Health Insurance in Dubai

As we grow old, we deal with many health problems in life and thereby, end up spending big amounts on healthcare expenses. On the other side, costs associated with healthcare or medical care facilities are increasing consistently in different areas of the UAE. In this situation, one should buy the right health insurance in Dubai as a crucial component of his/her financial armory.

However, selecting the right policy is equally important as the decision is related to availing of the right health policy coverage. Good policies related to health insurance in Dubai covers medical expenses according to the premium amount paid by a policyholder, the coverage given by an insurer, and other essential requirements.

Types of Health Insurance in Dubai

You have to check a few of the common health insurance plans or policies to select the right one to benefit yourself and your family members.

  • Top-up Plan or Policy

Top-up plans or policies are similar to regular health insurance in Dubai policies. They cover the hospitalization costs of a policyholder. However, the difference is that such costs reimburse only after you approach a threshold limit.

Here, the threshold limit is a type of deductible i.e. the amount paid by any policyholder to deal with medical expenses before the activation of the top-up insurance policy.

Top-up types of insurance plans have a relatively low premium as compared to any other type of insurance plan. You may choose this plan as additions to your regular health insurance policies to deal with major expenses.

  • Individual Insurance Plan

Individual health insurance in Dubai type of plan is the one, which benefits only a single person. You may purchase an individual policy in the name of any person you want. This maybe your name, your child’sname, or your spouse name while the premium amount depends on the age of the respective individual and the insured sum.

An individual insurance plan is a right option for early career professionals and other single yet young individuals, who do not have any type of persistent health problem. These insurance plans have low premium costs and give hospitalization coverage. Hence, you always stay fully prepared to handle any type of medical emergency.

  • Family Floater Policy

The family floater type of policy is a handy one if you consider securing various health risks of your family members. Family floater plans are available as comprehensive schemes, which provide coverage for all individuals of diverse age groups. These include old people, adults, and kids.

Family floater type of health insurance in Dubaibrings each of the family members under a single umbrella coverage. Moreover, the policy benefits a policyholder by taking care of his/her family members by providing a single plan instead of managing or paying premiums for multiple individual plans.

  • Critical Illness Plans

Critical illness insurance plans pay a lump sum amount on the diagnosis of a long-term or severe illness. Accordingly, health insurance in Dubai prevents a patient to bear a huge expense at the time of following costly treatment procedures. Health insurance plans often provide you critical illness coverage when you pay an extra premium amount. On the other side, you may strengthen your insurance coverage by looking for options related to the standalone critical illness insurance plan. These types of insurance policies give you a comprehensive type of coverage.

  • Senior Citizens Insurance

Senior citizens’ insurance plans are available specifically to meet the healthcare requirements of senior citizens i.e. people from 60years to 75years age. Common benefits of the plan are day-care expenses, cashless hospitalization coverage, and disease and pre-existing coverage.

Additional Factors to Select the Right Policy

Whenever you go to select a health insurance plan, you have to consider additional factors, which include-

  • Your Age

Your age has a prime role to determine the coverage extent you need. Young people may go with low coverage policies and increase their plans gradually during the years. As health issues increase with age, premiums also become costly for old policyholders.

  • Your Existing Health Condition

Your existing health condition or status is a prime determinant at the time of selecting the required health insurance coverage. If you have any existing health issues, which force you to a high medical intervention in the coming years, you must look for a high coverage amount. Based on your knowledge of the insurance policies and the factors, you will get the right health insurance policy available in any area of Dubai and get peace in your mind.

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