March 4, 2021

Checklist to Buy a Car Insurance Plan in Dubai

Whenever you go to buy vehicle insurance in Dubai, you have to prepare a checklist to know the things you should consider before finalizing your deal. This step is essential to come up with the best choice from a pool of options available in the insurance industry. Particularly, you have to check the details we have mentioned in our blog post before you should buy a suitable plan related to car insurance in Dubai and other surrounding UAE cities.

  • Get the Right Evaluation of Your Car

Before you should purchase an insurance policy, you have to get the right evaluation of your car or any other similar type of vehicle. The reason for this is that insurance companies usually evaluate it according to different parameters, like the condition and age of the car.

For instance, new vehicles have a relatively less depreciation value and hence, they always have good evaluation i.e. approximately equal to the car’s purchase price. In contrast, old vehicles come with high depreciation value, and hence, insurers evaluate them at less price.

The coverage you may get for your car depends solely on its market value and while you go to buy car insurance in Dubai or any other UAE-based city, it lets you avail of the optimum coverage according to the best premium amount.

  • Selection Between Third-party and Comprehensive Insurance Plans

Staying well-aware of the basic difference between a third-party insurance plan and a comprehensive insurance plan will save you from many problems in the future. If you go with third-party insurance, it meets your legal liabilities in the case of property damages, bodily injuries, and death of third-party individuals.

The third-party type of plan however does not cover any type of damage caused to the own vehicle. Thus, this type of insurance policy is applicable if you own an old vehicle so that you only meet the basic and mandatory insurance coverage to drive on the road.

On the other hand, if you go with a comprehensive plan associated with car insurance in Dubai, insurance policyholders will get an extension of the existing plan. This type of insurance protects you from damages caused to your life, car, or property. Moreover, if you are met with an accident, a comprehensive insurance plan provides coverage to both your car and that belonging to the third-party.

Besides, this type of insurance provides coverage related to non-collision damages as well. For instance, if anyone steals your car or whether it suffers damages from natural disasters, accidents, or fire, you get the required insurance coverage. Indeed, if you own an expensive or new car, you have to look for comprehensive insurance plans to get better protection.

  • Check the Value of the Sum Insured in the Insurance Policy

After you purchase car insurance in Dubai policy, you have to check its details appropriately. In other words, you should read the fine print of the policy to avoid any type of consumption later.

Particularly, you have to check the insured sum by the insurance policy. This refers to the highest coverage amount you get from an insurance company if you suffer a complete loss of your car. The value must be close to the existing market value of your vehicle otherwise purchasing a car insurance policy will not give any value in the future.

  • Never Forget to Check Add-on Values, Inclusions, and Exclusions of the Policy

Inclusion refers to each of the coverage-related details included in your chosen policy. In simple words, you have to know the things covered in your insurance policy, as clarity is very much essential to make the most of your claims. If your insurance provider promises you to offer something, you should never forget cross-checking the respective things in the inclusions part of your insurance policy.

Similar to the case of inclusions, you have to check the exclusions of your insurance policy mentioned in the exclusion section of your document. You should possess a clear understanding of the policy exclusions so that you remain aware of the future involved risks and in turn, take the necessary precautions ahead. Other than this, you should make sure to check the add-on covers associated with your insurance policy to meet your expectations as insurance buyers. Therefore, with a proper checklist, you will get the best policy to drive your favorite car in Dubai.

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