March 4, 2021

Benefits to Get Travel Insurance in the UAE to Accomplish a Happy and Safe Journey

People belonging to various regions of the UAE buy different types of insurance policies to meet different purposes. Especially, individuals who need to travel frequently should get travel insurance in the UAE. This is because; travel insurance gives safety and other essential benefits to a person traveling to any other country.

Key Benefits of Travel Insurance Policy

The insurance policy is especially helpful for all indulge in visiting remote places and participate actively in adventurous trips. Other than this, travel insurance gives the following benefits to a policyholder.

  • Overseas Emergency Medical Help and Costs

Travel insurance in the UAE provides 24-hour coverage for ambulances, medical evacuations, and funeral arrangements if you suffer severe injury or death takes place during your journey. Moreover, if you have to admit to a hospital suddenly because of illness or injury, your insurance will cover you for emergency treatment, surgeries, and hospital stay.

  • Family Emergency

Your purchased travel insurance plan will cover the unexpected travel expenses if any of your close relatives or co-travelers dies unexpectedly or becomes injured/disabled and requires immediate hospitalization.

  • Travel and Accommodation Expenses

If you fall sick or suffer injury and fail to reach your home, travel insurance in the UAE will cover the unforeseen additional travel and accommodation expenses.

  • Coverage for the Tour Companion

If your tour companion fails to continue the holiday trip with you because of illness or injury, your travel insurance plan will reimburse your travel or accommodation expenses.

  • Resumption of Your Tour

If you have to return home because of the severe sickness of your closed family member, which needs hospital stay or death of any of your family members, you may use the insurance plan to get coverage for the flights to return your home.

  • Loss of Job or Income

If you suffer injury in your national or international tour, because of which you are forced to leave your job or income, you may get income loss benefit for a specified period.

  • Permanent Disability

If you lose one of your limbs or eyesight whilst on the tour, travel insurance in the UAE gives you a disability payment for a minimum of 12months after you return to your country/home.

  • Lost Deposits and Cancellation Fees

Travel insurance in the UAE covers you for the lost deposits and cancellation fees related to your pre-paid travel arrangements if you miss your flight or avail of the planned accommodation because of unavoidable circumstances. These include injuries, sickness, natural disasters, and strikes.

  • Coverage for Loss of Luggage or Delays

You get coverage from the travel insurance plan if your luggage is stolen or lost on your trip. Besides, if your luggage is delaying for about 12hours and you have to purchase some clothes, your travel insurance plan will reimburse such costs in moderation.

  • Theft of Travel Documents, Travelers’ Cheque and Cash

You will get reimbursement for the costs related to the replacement of your travel documents, passports, travelers’ cheque, and others if they suffer a loss during your trip. Even you get recovery in the case of your lost or stolen cash.

  • Replacement to Handle Credit Card Frauds

Travel insurance plans give reimbursement for all types of costs related to the replacement of credit cards or for any of their fraudulent usage if they are stolen or lost during your trip.

  • Disruption in the Journey

If your flight delays for 6hours or more, travel insurance policy will reimburse the payment related to your unforeseen accommodations and your food.

  • Personal Liability

Personal liability refers to the coverage related to legal liability, which includes legal expenses for any type of bodily injury or property damage of other people because of the claims made by other people (during your journey) against you.

  • Housekeeping Services

A few of the companies offering travel insurance in the UAE provide housekeeping services if you suffer injury or disability at the time of returning your home.

  • Pay for the Rental Excess

If you hire a cab or any other similar type of vehicle on your holiday and unfortunately you are met with an accident or your vehicle is stolen, the travel insurance plan will pay for the excess of your rental vehicle up to a certain amount. To conclude, we can say that a travel insurance policy is one of the handy tools, which let policyholders with a pool of useful options to accomplish a happy and safe journey.

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